Fasting ideas


We are all in a different place.

Fasting is not a "one size fits all" type of situation.  At PromiseLand, we have people from all walks of life and spiritual status.  When approaching a fast, you should think about your personal walk with God and find something that would challenge you personally.  Don't compare or try to match someone else's journey.


God is speaking to you.  Do you hear Him?  Fasting helps us remove the clutter and distractions of our life so that we can hear God more clearly.  Fasting separates us from our current world and connects us to God's path.

Most fasting is associated with your diet.  Traditionally, the Jews would not eat on certain days until the sun would set.  Some times this was for only one day.  Other times, fasting would last multiple days.  Jesus once fasted for 40 days straight.  You can read about that in Matthew chapter 4.

In the book of Daniel, we see several Jewish young men fasting from meat and desserts.  They ended up being stronger than all the other men on a regular diet.  You can read about that in Daniel 1:8-16.

We take these examples and others and create some fasting options that fit our modern culture.  You can pick one of these options or mix and match to fit your own personal situation.  The main thing is to pick a plan and stick with it for 21 days. 

Daniel Fast

Basic Daniel Fast - Eliminate meat and sugar from your diet.
Advanced Daniel Fast - Only eat vegetables and fruit.  Only drink water.

Media FAST

Abstain from television show and social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc.

sundown FAST

During this fast, most people do not eat until sundown (supper).  It can be adapted to fit your schedule.  You could simply avoid 1-2 meals per day.

liquid FAST

In this fast, you abstain from all food.  You only drink water and natural juice.  This is the most intense fast.  Make sure you are physically able and ready for this type of fast.


We recommend you consult your physician if you have any questions about how fasting affects your physical health.  We know its powerful affect on the spirit.