Here is one of our PromiseLand Families that lost everything in the flood

Here is one of our PromiseLand Families that lost everything in the flood


We can do this....again!

The San Marcos area was hit with another major flood.  PromiseLand is ready to respond!


Want to HELP?

1. PRAY - Pray for the physical and spiritual needs to be met of each person affected by the floods.

2. SERVE - Check the City for possible serve days coming up.

3. GIVE - We will be financially supporting several families during this time with food, temporary shelter, building supplies, etc.  Please consider giving financially online.  Our church is needing your financial support more than ever.  Click here to give.  Put "Flood" in the memo area to support the general effort or the name of the specific family you want to help. Click here to give.



In May 2015, we responded to a similar flood.  

Thankfully, Samaritan's Purse partnered with PromiseLand and organized a huge relief effort.  We cleaned 161 homes with 1814 volunteers. They worked hard for 18508 hours!!  Our chaplains with the Billy Graham Association prayed with 94 people to receive Jesus!  This phase with Samaritan's Purse is over, however, the work is not.

If you are not aware of what happened in San Marcos, then here is a little info.  We witnessed an unprecedented weather event in San Marcos.  Tragedy struck many of our friends and family.  Torentual rains caused the Blanco River to rise 45' high and up to a half mile wide in some spots.  This damaged over 300 homes and claimed the lives of 13 people.  Now, PromiseLand is in position to make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of people.