Our international mission is: Transformation. We want to participate in the transformation of our world in two ways: spiritual and physical.  First, we want to help communities naturally with fresh water and education.  Second, we want to help local pastors and churches.  We believe that if we first help with the natural needs, then the spiritual transformation will follow more effectively.  

Our first project in 2005 was in the poor areas of Monterrey, Mexico. We built a home for a single mom and helped her start a childcare business. Since then, we have partnered with local pastors to build a neighborhood church.

In 2010, we started work in the Nigerian village of Izzi. We drilled the first well their community had ever seen.  Instead of walking two miles for dirty water, they now had fresh drinking water next to the village church.  Then, we built a school for their community. Watch the video of the video project by clicking here.

In 2015, we started our first project in Guatemala.  We sent money to rescue 7 babies through World Help. We then adopted the village of Las Joyas.  We will be providing: clean drinking water, new school facilities, new church building, self-sustaining businesses, and possibly homes for villagers.  Check out this video of a church in MA who did the same type of project. CLICK HERE.  



July 10-18,2020 - Las Joyas, Guatemala


Las Joyas, Guatemala

July 2018

Mission:    PromiseLand San Marcos has adopted the village of Las Joyas in Guatemala.  This village is about a 45min drive via 4x4 vehicle from the nearest town.  They have some modern conveniences, but many of them suffer from extreme poverty and malnutrition.  We will be traveling there next July to begin work on our Total Village Transformation. Our room and board will be at the Hope of Life missions headquarters. This is a very clean, safe, and relaxing oasis.  Our team will enjoy the pool, dinner, shopping, and rest in the evenings.  

For more info on our Guatemala trip, click here!



Pool at Guatemala Missions Center!
School in Las Joyas

Sponsor a Child

We’ve witnessed time and time again how sponsorship truly changes a child’s present circumstances and future possibilities. When you sponsor a child, you’re not only providing them HELP and HOPE, you’re also building and nurturing a personal relationship through letter writing and prayer. Sponsorship provides a boy or girl around the world with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Here is the link for those of you who would be interested in helping sponsor kids from our village. Couple of facts:
1) It only costs $35 a month!!
2) You do not have to attend our church to sponsor.
3) We have 50 kids that are needing sponsored and ideally we’d like 2 sponsors for each kid.
4) Over 74.5% of the population over the age of 15 are illiterate. ( probably higher percentage in our villages because they are so remote.)
5) Sponsorship helps with education. School is free until 6th grade and then it costs, most drop out.
6) Sponsorship helps with food bags and medical assistance.
7) Often, kids have to walk to another village to attend school. For example, the school in Las Joyas goes up to 2nd grade. Kids older than that have to walk to Plan del Sare which is miles away.
8)️If you sponsor a child AND you join us on our trip next year, you can meet them face to face! It is amazing.
9) The kids in the sponsorship program have to be enrolled in school.