Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I join the Church?

Attend our "Next Steps" session and and fill out the membership form.  Next Steps happens the first Sunday of every month. Get Details Here! (We would love for you to join the church)



We interpret in Spanish and American Sign Language during our 9:45am service (San Marcos Campus only).


How do I get baptized?

At our San Marcos Campus, we offer baptism to anyone following each of our Sunday morning services.  Simply come to the front at the end of service and one of our leaders will guide you in the process.  We supply clothing, towels, hygiene products, etc.  Minors need parental consent and be able to make decision on their own.  You do not have to be a member to be baptized.
If you attend the Lockhart Campus, we offer baptism several times a quarter. Ask someone at the Hub for our next date!


How do I get my infant/child dedicated?

We dedicate our members' children during the Sunday morning worship service.  We dedicate children of families who are not members after the service.  Contact our office and speak to Jennifer Longoria to schedule these sessions.  512-392-4357 or email:


Can I have my wedding or Party at PromiseLand?

Members are able to have their wedding or family event at PromiseLand for a nominal fee.  This basically covers staff that assists in the processes.  Non members are able to have a wedding at PromiseLand as long as the ceremony falls within our Statement of Beliefs and pay rental fees for rooms used.  Contact our office and speak to Jennifer Longoria to schedule a wedding.  512-392-4357 or email:


Why does the church take up an offering every week?  Where does the money go?

The church operates based on the generosity of those who attend and are a part of the family.  Without the financial support of the congregation, the church would not exist as it does.  We break down our financial plan in 5 ways:

  • Worship (22% of budget) - Sunday and Wednesday Worship services, Guest speakers
  • Fellowship (18% of budget) - Social gatherings, meeting, outdoor events 
  • Discipleship (22% of budget) - Books, Manuals, Trainings, Guest speakers, 
  • Mission (20% of budget) - Local Missions and International Partners around the world
  • Ministry (16% of budget) - office supplies, overhead, misc

Can I get ordained as a minister at PromiseLand?

We often honor ordinations from other denominations or organizations if they are in line with our Statement of Beliefs.  If someone is not ordained, but feel the call to full time ministry, we recommend two options for new ordination:  Destiny Ministries or Global Network of Christian Ministries.  These are reputable organizations that will lead you through the process.  PromiseLand pastors are able to sponsor candidates through the process if they follow the plan.